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NDS Pro-Span Coupling


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Flow Management by NDS Pro-Span Coupling compression fittings are dependable, versatile, economical, and corrosion free. They include CTS couplings, tees, and adapters. May be selected in a wide range of sizes and materials in including CPVC. Save time and money by eliminating precise cutting and threading galvanized or steel pipe Tap into existing lines and connect do different materials such as steel, plastic, copper, or brass Corrosion free above or below ground For repair of a broken pipe, our Pro-Span expansion repair couplings have a patented locking feature that makes the repair process easier. Additional product benefits include a dual-seal design to prevent leaking and a glue-well to prevent excess glue from sticking the repair coupling together.

Product Details

Part Number: 118-15


Material: PVC
Color: White
Length: 2
Height: 5.5
Weight: 1.3630

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